Friday, August 5, 2016

What to Bring to Disneyland

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Going to Disneyland can be a magical experience.  This is obviously not your average theme park.  It has been designed to give children of all ages the perfect day. That said, making sure you’ve brought the right supplies with you can make a considerable difference.

While you can survive the park without these items, having them with you can give you peace of mind and make many common occurrences easier to deal with.  The following list contains a great start to making sure your next trip to Disneyland is your best one yet:

•    Tickets – why wait in line when you get there when you can purchase your tickets in advance? Your hotel may sell them or you can simply buy them online through the park’s official website.  That way, you’ll already have them and you don’t have to stress about waiting in line.  You can just walk right in – just don’t forget to bring them!

mobile battery bank•    Small cross-over bag or lanyard – you need to have your tickets readily accessible throughout the day if you want to get FASTPASSES (which you likely do).  So giving your kids their tickets or putting them into a backpack really isn’t the best idea.  Instead, put them into a slip on a lanyard or tuck them into a very small cross-over bag.  You might also have a bag for everything else, but this little extra will make all the difference in accessing those tiny tickets and cards you need on hand.

•    Small snacks – you might be planning to get your lunch, ice cream and perhaps even dinner at the park, but it’s best to have a few extras with you for when hunger strikes. This way, you can have a few bites and keep going on your way, instead of standing in a long line when you’d rather be headed to the next attraction. Granola bars, fruit bars or fruit snacks are a fantastic option.

mobile battery pack•    Bottled water – it’s true that you can get water in the park.  Restaurants will even give it to you for free on request.  However, when you’re standing in line for a ride, it’s nice to have the water already available.  Use the park drinking fountains to refill throughout the day.

•    Mobile battery pack – smartphones can be your best way to check the time and to communicate with other members of your family when you split up to do your own thing before meeting up again.  Because of this, running out of charge is out of the question. Slip a slim fit mobile battery pack into your bag for lots of extra power without much added weight.

•    Sunscreen and wet wipes – if you were headed out for only a couple of hours, you could likely do without these. However, when you’re spending the day in Disneyland, make sure you have enough sunscreen to re-apply every hour and enough wet wipes to get all the ice cream off sticky hands.

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