Thursday, February 19, 2015

The world is changing-

dangerous gamesWell, that's an obvious statement. However, the concept of change, though obvious, is rarely considered seriously in the long term. What does it mean? For my kids, it means that the world of their childhood will have little in common with the world of their adult years- just as my carefree shenanigans of the 1970s have little bearing on the realities of today.

I didn't have a cell phone to call home in case I'd be late (does any kid actually do that?)

I didn't have a Facebook page to keep up with my classmates... do the kids still call each other classmates? Or is it homies?

I get confused...

groovy kidsAnyway, the changes in technology have placed a citizen archive of software products on the web, so many in fact that the market has shifted from a capitalistic reality to one of public service.

What it means is that software is valued not as a commodity but as a service.

Meaning more often that not, better products are available outside the shrink-wrapped boxes at BestBuy.

For free.

Services such as Giveaway buck the system of charging consumers for the software, while making a difference in spreading usable platforms for public use. No licenses, not automatic credit card billing, no spyware, ad-ware, spam... all the little extras that make commercial software a pain in the butt. The controls of a new world order...

free softwareMy kids are going to grow up in a world with 3-D holographic messaging.

Public domain potential.

With on demand 3-D printing.

At the push of a button.

With fluid communications.

At the speed of thought.

With internet connections that don't sound like a strangled cat, ala AOL.