Monday, February 16, 2015

Extensive Traveling and What to Know for North Park Residences

A trip to a foreign country for many folks is as simple as making sure the passport is up to date, that they're not on the no-fly list, and have a destination in mind. A few pina coladas, some pictures next to statues with no name, and a selfie getting a tattoo in a back alley parlor and the tourist is ready to come home.
singapore north park residences
However, for folks looking for an extended stay abroad- for something like 6 months to a year or so, things aren't as simple. Life needs to be put on hold, and if a single destination is in order, it also means finding reliable and affordable living quarters overseas.

This means staying away from a hotel.

This means finding an actual rental property.

singapore cruise shipsSingapore has become a long-term destination for many international tourist, and as such, has sen an increase in short term housing opportunities for those of the adventurous mind. Small, furnished economy flats with luxury placement and location, are cropping up in tourist hubs such as North Park Residences, a conceptualized living community attached to cultural and shopping districts. 

Basing an extended vacation exploration from a solid home base allows foreigners an opportunity to explore in depth, becoming closer to the culture and communities surrounding them. Extended says also means access to hospitals and schools if children are brought along. These types of housing are perfect for those endeavors.

Before taking off, make sure you contact a local real estate agent who specializes in short term rentals in the vein you are seeking. A little research ahead of time will make sure your stay is well worth it, and will be as comfortable as possible with great opportunities for excursions from an ideal home base.