Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Keeping Up with the Homestead

Contrary to any notions I might be shedding, the house does look fantastic these days. The girls are maturing and picking up after themselves, there's fresh coats of paint in some rooms, and new splashes of art and furniture are making their way into my life-

bridge paintingBut sometimes, it feels like I'm painting the Golden Gate bridge. Just as I'm about to finish, it's time to start all over again.

The lawn needs a good aeration when Spring rolls it's lovely head around, and my border shrubs need a four year cut back.

The finished basement needs a few seal in the granite and mortar foundation, and the dining room floor could use some attention in the form of stripping and re-staining.

The upstairs bedrooms haven't received the same painting love as the living room, but they'll get theirs soon enough.

It seems that the task list for maintaining the house never seems to get shorter. One minute I'm finishing the brick patio, and the next I'm working on winterizing the seals in my storm windows.

It's the roof I'm looking at now... and the information out there on the internet is all over the pace concerning advice and products. So much to choose from, with so little time. I learned from the blog posts over at Fivecoat Roofing that I need to be cleaning and servicing the roof every three to five years. I figure by those estimates I'm about three to five years off track... time to get out the old ladder.

snow covered statue
The snow that old man winter promises each season has yet to truly arrive, so I'm grateful for that. I'm also grateful that I have a great partner in fixing up and doing much needed updates throughout the house- winter has most surely arrived, and the indoor projects are being completed.

But that roof- oh my. I think it'll be moved to the top of the warm weather list and I'll keep my fingers crossed against 3 foot storms this season.