Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Junk Hauling

Winter has most certainly set in here in New Hampshire.

If it's not the sloppy rain making a mess of all my landscape designs from the Spring, or the freeze/thaw/freeze pattern of our ever changing weather system, it's the being cooped up inside looking at the same furniture and the same wall colors day after day-

I needed change.

This meant shoving out old ideas of when Spring clean up is supposed to happen and starting early. Or late, depending on your perspective.

The dining room was first, with a fresh coat of paint, some new art (niiiiiice art) and a revamp of my dining room chairs. Next, the front living room- the one the kids and I don't use so much except when we're passing through and saying to ourselves, "We don't use this room nearly enough."

junk it
Both were minimal projects, with only a few odds and ends becoming orphaned, and destined for the trash heap. But the problem becomes one of disposal. Junk pick up in my area is done either by going down to city hall and getting an orange sticker, then scheduling with Public Works a specific time for them to come out and haul it away.

Not convenient, in the least.

This meant finding a better solution - and being on a budget, I hadn't the foggiest clue concerning junk removal pricing. I figured it would be ineffective for my needs- and of course, being the cynical SOB I am, I was wrong. I placed a few calls to get a feel, going as far as doing a bit of research at Junk It Rubbish Removal in Portland, a cross border company serving both Oregon and Vancouver. I found that across the country, the charged price is lower than expected- pennies on the dollar in fact. So low- I didn't have to think twice...

junk it
Now, I'm looking at my basement. It's supposed to be a finished space, with a fireplace and bookshelves, but unfortunately has become something of a storage space from the 3rd level of purgatory. Messy and unkempt. My solution? Chuck it all and start from scratch.

There's nothing stopping me... well, maybe February vacation...