Friday, January 9, 2015

A Milestone Event

My oldest turns eight next week- and yes, it's cliche, but it's as though it happened overnight. She's talking about boys, pop media, exploring new sports and activities... she's becoming her own person, and it's exciting to see.

To celebrate, I'm throwing her a party. Ice cream cake, check. Presents... this weekend. I asked what she wanted and she said Legos. I asked what kind, and to my joy she said, 'You decide.'

And the theme of the party? Princesses- but princesses who kick ass (Say 'butt' Daddy...)

Princesses who kick butt.

FrokostordningI thought about having the party catered so I could focus on the guests, and my little girl. Frokostordning came to mind, but I'm not sure I could afford the airfare. I could afford the catering- they're quite reasonable, but the travel expenses- sheesh. 

The invitation list is made, and we'll have enough in the house to keep the thermostat down for a week- that many people make a small house seem like a sauna, and I'm looking at offsetting the cost of the shindig with the energy savings.

That's practical, right?

So this weekend is about setting party arrangements while she visits her mother with her little sister. I need balloons, party favors, activities... I'm thinking beaded necklaces and build your own tiaras... a little pink DIY party for my mixed media missy.

If you're in the neighborhood, come on by. I have my plans well made, and it might be a hoot to watch them all go out the window as who in their right mind thinks they can control 15 little princesses hopped up on sugar?

It'll be like herding cats...