Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Find an Interior Designer and a Fresh Outlook

interior designAs a single parent, I’m forever finding new ways of keeping my girls creative and engaged.

And myself as well – I mean, if I’m not on top of things, then what the heck am I doing?

Our next project as a family, aside from the sewing machine we’re investigating, as well as the volunteer work during the holiday season, on top of canning our favorite yummies for meals down the road is a revamping and redesign of our home.

We’re cleaning out the dust and staring with a fresh outlook.

That translates to interior design…

Now, I’m a creative sort, and have a good grasp of taste and color complementation, but there are some things I’m seeing as a bit beyond my control. These little gems often come with a price tag… basically, I’m questioning my abilities to employ a bit of feng shui when it’s going to cost me over $1000.

interior design manchester nhHence, I need to find an interior designer for my front living room and the master bedroom.
My search has started over at InteriorDesignPro and I expect to make a decision soon.

I saw a $7000 rug last night that made my jaw drop- sure it looked fantastic, but I’m not so sure I want to spend that kind of cash on something that I’ll be walking all over… I’m hoping a designer will set me straight.

But those little checkbook bumps haven’t stopped me- to date we’ve had quality family time repainting the dining room using the colors already there. We like them, so we figured, why not…

The girls’ rooms are next. The colors are selected, and we’re off- it’s just my room and the front living room that needs a little love.

Expensive love…