Sunday, November 23, 2014

Michael Anthony Earth Flags - A Choice to Share the Message

It's one thing to do your part for the environment silently- going about your day-to-day routine, making decisions that will either do no harm or improve the planet... but how about sharing your vision for a healthy environment?

OrganicsRecently, I came across Michael Anthony Earth Flags, a small business out of Minnesota that helps each of us get the word out and spread the good vibes. Dedicated to sustainable manufacturing, these 100% eco-friendly flag display your beliefs and help to get the message out- every little act counts.

Our choices determine what our children's future will consist of.

My girls keep a compost heap, recycle like queens, are learning to shop with earth-friendly products in mind, and do what they can to reduce waste every chance they get.

With the holidays quickly approaching, I was thinking a flag for the yard might not be a bad idea to show how proud I am.

We all know it starts with one voice- let yours be heard today.