Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bakery, Resturant, and Craft Supplies For the Season

I am simply in heaven right now.

Seriously- Fall is my time of the year to shine, with the ducks and geese flying and the slew of holiday dinners and events stacked before me. In fact, this year I have been afforded the pleasure of setting up my baked and canned goods at the charter school craft fair where I work and my kitchen is quickly becoming a small industry in itself.

Craft fair jam
While the latest batch of raspberry jam is boiling on the stove top, the tester cupcakes are finishing with a golden yumminess in the oven. It's my time to shine, and raise money for a wonderful cause- my extended family.

But, the problem arose as to how I would package my baked goods. The jams and pickles were simple, as the canning jars make for a wondrous sight for sale. But the cupcakes and pies and cakes need a bit more 'oomph' in the shipping and marketing department.

That's where Plastic Container City comes into play. A quick search of the web brought this gem of supplier to my cross hairs with exactly the storage solutions I was looking for. Through their web site, I can order simple and inexpensive individual and packed containers for my baking needs, as well as foils, tissue paper, and assorted accoutrements to truly make my products stand out from the crowd.

Caft fair baked goods
The cupcake boxes alone made my foray onto the web worthwhile, but I lingered a bit too long among the aluminum pan selection, bringing my bill up a tad.

I need them - don't judge me.

As you are out and about this holiday season, take some time to buy local from your neighborhood artisans and craftspeople.You and your wallet will be glad you did.