Thursday, November 6, 2014

Aurora CO Basement Finishing

I'm feeling the urge to expand my home, though without the onslaught of construction workers and large cranes brought in to demolish my exterior walls.

I'm feeling... basmenty.

Yes. Basmenty. It's a word. Don't bother looking it up...

Seriously, the below-ground space of my 1920's cape could use a bit of personality, and I know it can be done for less money than say replacing my kitchen cabinets. Now there's a project for you... pop out a few board feet of storage pace and tell one kid they can't go to college. On my dime, anyway.

But a finished basement, that's alright. Maybe I'll just have to skip a birthday or two. Insulate the walls, run floor padding under a carpet, extend the eating system to keep it comfortable and dry... it's affordable.

Companies such as top rated All In One Home Improvements specialize in building comfort from an existing space. Professional consultants come to your space, review your concerns and answer all questions, then in most cases, provide a free of charge estimate and consultation on what is possible, what's not, and what you budget can withstand.

Not only will a finished basement compliment my home's market value by expanding the practical living space, I will be improving the energy efficiency of the house bringing my ever-tightening budget in line with my living standards. All In One Home Improvements agents offer solutions to meet these needs, all with neighborly, punctual, and dedicated purpose.

I'm thinking more of an office space refitting- separate the laundry room from the in-ground garage.

All it takes is a call...