Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Synthetic Turf to Simplify Your Life

The days of the plastic lawn look are over with the high-tech development of truly artificial grass treatments. Synthetic turf simplifies life with a realistic and comfortable feel while helping to rid the environment of nitrogen-blocking fertilizers that only harm the earth after prolonged use. Companies such as Global Syn-Turf offer lead-free, family-safe artificial grass for your specific need.

The grandaddy of them all...
Trust me, the age of the Brady Bunch lawn of your nostalgic childhood is long over.

Through continued research into natural play sports surfaces, synthetic lawns have increasingly improved with color-fast designs, realistic textures, and honest to goodness durability that you would expect in high end products.

Synthetic turf assists homeowners with pets as well, as it is safe not only in manufacturing concerns, but without the need for harmful and toxic sod treatments that can truly harm your furrier family members. After a simple installation, your pets will be back in the yard enjoying the day without a worry in the world.

Artificial lawn installation, California
 Whether for a residential or commercial application, utilization of artificial grasses and turf surfaces will help keep your family safe and healthy while providing years of attractive presentation for your home.