Thursday, October 30, 2014

Reaching Out to Your Bloggers Niche Community

Those who have followed me long enough have a sense I enjoy farming and gardening and all of the bells and whistles these endeavors entail. I'm fascinated with animal husbandry; poultry, horses, cattle, pork, and everything in between. Recent searches led me to the seed farm Fair Dinkum in the Australian Outback, and a more recent surf brought me to key in on  Anna Solan's Orchard Creek Farm blog. Posting regularly out of her hobby farm in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, Anna has a natural and down to earth voice that keeps me coming back, ready to take a mental vacation as she shares her personal heaven on earth.

hobby farm
Bloggers can be a funny bunch in general, but I've found worthwhile time keeping the conversation going among the green writers who also produce in my niche. We share stories amongst ourselves, best advice, and tips of the trade that helps us all gain a wider respect for nature and audiences in general. While I may know a thing or two about raised bed and square foot gardening, Anna's particular knack for poultry is a great source for me to draw upon should an article or conversation warrant a greater depth.

Keeping in touch with my peers, and you can guess by this time I'm suggesting you do the same, keeps me grounded in my passions. I admit I know a great deal, and I enjoy bringing that knowledge to you my readers. I also admit I don't know everything. Having a reliable and trustworthy voice outside of my own dark and dismal winter office keeps me in touch with what I consider to be important - and that's to provide great reading material for my audience that may not neccasarily derive directly from my own experience.

Whether you write about writing or farming, or perhaps tech or pop culture, belonging to a like-minded community will help keep your material fresh and add to your message's lovgevity.

Write well, talk amongst yourselves, and pray for an early Spring.