Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Way of Change

Fall is looming early this year, and to that end I've started to look twice at my furniture around the house. I know- what a hell of a non-sequitur.

But the focus right now is cleaning and prepping for a long winter indoors. I look to my two daughters and figure we can simplify by removing the clutter. That could be an extra couch here, a nightstand there, maybe upgrading the cat and dog. Well, the dog at least.

My furniture now is wonderful, don't get me wrong. Some truly great pieces, but life might be simpler if I had simpler items. Unpainted, pine ladder backed chairs, perhaps. A twin bed picked up at Goodwill with new mattresses (sorry, my frugal bug stops at second hand boxsprings.)

I found a great site that sells solid furniture pieces for great prices, and am looking into perhaps orderign a few for starters.

We'll see.

Of course next week I could decide to do something completely different, like ring the interior walls with little catwalks and empty out the local shelter of kitties.

But probably not.