Saturday, August 30, 2014

4 Great Local Antique Shops in Manchester, NH

A Guide to Your Next Family Heirloom

antique stores There's something about an antique that dresses up a common room design. Simply admiring a well crafted piece of furniture or accessory brightens the day as you dream of where that end table or walnut-framed oil painting has been. It's not difficult to imagine the lives touched and the generations it has stood witness to. With careful shopping anyone can acquire a little slice of the past, and this guide to Manchester, NH antique shops will illustrate the special flair of local antique shops.

Antiques on Elm
Arguably the premier shop in the area, Antiques on Elm is located at 321 Elm Street, just a few blocks down from the Verizon Center. Open at 10 am seven days a week, the group shop is an ever changing collection of classic items from yesterday thanks to the respectable buyer foot traffic from downtown. The shop has a focus on non-furniture accessories, though the occasional armoire and Hitchcock chair can be found at reasonable prices. The shop has its own parking lot, so getting your items loaded doesn't rely on find parking out front.

OPUS, Other People's Unique Stuff
OPUS is a comfortable and fun shop located at 194 South Main Street in Manchester. The shop offers its own parking in order for customers to leisurely browse their offerings without worrying about feeding a parking meter. The first thing customers experience as they walk through the door is a small offering of local crafts and jewelry, and as they delve deeper, a wide selection of knick knacks, artwork, and vintage clothing. Toward the rear of the shop, furniture seekers will see a healthy offering of fine chairs and tables to fit their design needs. The shop is open Wednesday through Sunday.

Candia Road Antiques
With the exception of a 12-5 schedule on Saturday and Sunday, Candia Road Antiques is an appointment only shop offering a wide range of finely selected antiques, from vintage Americana to showcase silver. The 6000 square foot shop is located at 1442 Candia Road in Manchester and displays an ever changing atmosphere of high end collectables. The shop also offers a worry-free estate service to assist those looking to move either a single piece or an entire houseful of lifetime acquisitions.

Resser-Thorner Antiques
Located next to the McIntyre Ski area at 5 Kennard Road in Manchester, the excitement of Resser-Throner Antiques derives not only from the high quality of the items within, but also in the chase for gaining entry. The shop does not have standardized hours, but relies on customer traffic through chance or by appointment. The shop does have art and antiques from the 18th through the early 20th century, but places an emphasis on New Hampshire related ephemera as well as historical Americana artifacts.