Monday, March 31, 2014

Making Math Fun for Homework and Learning

 Grade-Schooler Motivation When Working on Math Problems

I used to dread that period after school when we entered the house and I told my daughter to take her seat at the kitchen table. It was math homework time, and apparently also temper-tantrum time.

But I don't want to, she'd mutter. You have to, I responded. It's so boring, she'd say. But you still have to do it, I said. This would go on, back and forth until I pointed out the obvious. You'd be done by now, I'd say. But I hate homework, my precious grade-schooler would scream, before flopping across the table with her arms outstretched like some martyr in a Fellini film. It can be like training a dog without a trainer's assistance.
With more struggle, she would eventually rush through it to get it done. Sure, it would be done, but would it do her any good... MORE