Monday, February 3, 2014

Windowsill Aquafarming For A Kitchen Garden

Windowsill Aquafarm for a Kitchen Garden

I'm dreaming while the snow falls of a kitchen garden, knowing Spring is not far away. Each year, the first crops to sprout from my traditional home garden are my lettuces. Red leaf, Romaine, Boston, and Butter Crunch begin to fill out and bring a sense of life to the patches of soil that laid fallow during the Winter. My girls sow their seeds, and we begin the tender warm-up to the full on production in the months ahead. Yet once the warmer weather arrives, the lettuces tend to wilt back and bolt, and our attentions turn to the beans and emerging tomatoes. As we are unable to preserve our leafy veggies, we began looking for ways to keep our lettuce harvest viable throughout the season. This year, we found the solution with a windowsill aquafarm setup...MORE

Leafy greens all year round