Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pricing Callaway Golf Balls at ENEWMALL

Christmas is of course just around the corner, and this time of year I tend to stress out slightly when it comes to choosing appropriate gifts for folks in my family. Buying for my wife is a simple matter. So simple, in fact, that she buys her own presents and hands them to me to gift wrap. Come Christmas morning she acts surprised for the kids' sakes, and I get a compliment on how well I did with the wrapping job.  My nephews are easy as well - online retailer gift cards. Nieces? Again, online retailer gift cards. I'm of the mind that if something works, don't mess with it.

Take for example my father-in-law. The first gift I ever gave him, based on his Boston sports fanaticism, was a vintage Wild World of Sports mobile broadcasting unit for mantel display in his game room. That went over like a lead balloon, so in subsequent years, I tended to play it safe and get him a box of golf balls.

After shopping around a bit this year, I found the online retailer, ENEWMALL. Much like an antique dealer shop, ENEWMALL is a collection of online sellers of wholesale material brought together in one place. Seeing as I was looking for golf balls, I headed into the Golf site to check out the selection and was impressed with names like Titleist,Callaway, and TaylorMade - not only for clubs, but for accessories as well.

Pricing on the items in the mall seemed to be on par with, at least for the Callaway Hex Hot Pro Golf Balls I was looking at as well as a few select clubs. What struck me was the prices were further reduced with an additional $5 discount on orders over $25 on sales made before December 31st. On a $36 set of balls, that's a significant savings.

There was one thing, however, that unnerved me as I prepared to check out - I was unable to calculate shipping until after entering payment information. The payment wasn't processed at this point, but I felt a bit strange giving such specific information before finding a total amount due. Knowing the shipping upfront is a big part of being internet savings savvy.

As it stands, ENEWMALL is relatively new, but worthy of a cautionary investigation. The website is still somewhat under construction in the About Us section, but that can be understandable with a new venture. My advice is to be mindful of what info you share, and how you spend your holiday dollars.

Happy Holidays!