Thursday, November 28, 2013

Deep Frying a Thanksgiving Turkey Without Burning Down the House

One year, the cooker spilled over and I had a pile of fried ice-melt to garnish with the nearly-done Butterball turkey. The next, my nephew tossed in a Nike high-top sneaker to see what would happen. This year, with experience behind me, I didn't mess up once.

A deep fried turkey for Thanksgiving is all I need on the dinner table. Well, that and a bowl of mashed potatoes, and perhaps some cranberry jelly. A few homemade rolls. Gravy, of course. And pie. But still, the fried turkey is king, and by keeping my hands out of the peanut oil and these rules of safety in mind, I was able to offer my family an incident-free celebration. With this success, I'm sure to convince my wife to let the girls help me prepare our main holiday dish next year ... MORE