Friday, November 29, 2013

A 'Where To' of Places to Develop 35mm Camera Film

It's a special occasion these days that will prompt me to pull out my old workhorse of a 35mm Canon AE-1, but it still happens. I grew up with film, and expect to never walk away from it completely. My last project took me on a stretch of the Appalachian trail, running just across the Mount Washington Auto Road, to explore some macro-subjects along the trail's edge - insects. Packing in the camera, my macro-bellows, or my lenses is never an issue, nor is worrying about sensitive electronics becoming bogged up. In fact, this old camera body has stayed true even after losing 5 lenses to volcanic ash when I was shooting Mt. Etna for the Navy back in 1992. What is often an increasing issue, however, can be finding a reliable place to have the 35m film developed...MORE