Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Where were you when- Viral Videos of 2012

It's been a tad bit morose the past two days here on non-sequitor, so I figured some Christmas joy might be apropos.

So first off, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, a Joyful Kwanza, and Happy Holidays to all my readers. It's been another year, and we should all take a moment to remember the good things that befell us this past year. What better way than a critical breakdown of some of the viral videos that made us smile and giggle like schoolgirls in Health Class?

The great thing about viral videos is their inevitable passing. We enjoyed them once, perhaps shared them twice, and were able to move on with our lives. What better way to feel good about ourselves than to laugh at the ignorance/misfortune of others?

At the top of my list, oddly enough, was not a random upload of Bolly and Chuck's unfortunate decision to use dynamite to ice fish, but the K-Pop phenom Psy, and his viral music video of Gangnam Style. Sure, the lyrics are self-involved, and the techno-rap can be repetitive, but lord have mercy, thank you for introducing Hyuna to the world. Hotchee-tochee!

How many cat videos did you watch? More than likely, you were on the opposite side of the spectrum from me. Meme's are one thing, but can a video capture/still match the same energy and pure angst of a cat going Yoda on a dog's ass? I think not. If you'd like to see it, be sure to click the tag, or view the short version in the Top 50 link above. I don't see any reason to make your browsing simpler, and to be honest, would you want me to?

In the interest of leading us on a better path for 2013, please enjoy. Here's to better times in 2013! I promise to return to the maddening insight of my mind sooner than later. For those who were looking for it, I apologize for the above.