Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All About Me, Damn It!

I want to say my long prolonged decision to reach greener life-balance pastures is coming to fruition, but I suspect there are less-than-admirable reasons for this change. First of all, I'm tired.
The devil lies in the details: I'm holding down two jobs, and one of them, well, though the money was good, it's not all it was cracked up to be. Not one to complain, let's just say the creative horizon beckoned, and I situated myself quite comfortably in the embracing folds of the liberal studies department of the local college.

Yes dear readers, I'm teaching people how to write. People, for the most part, who are not writing majors, or even that unusual sub-group I like to call literati-in-training. (You know who you are, monkey people). No, my students are comprised of the blue collar persuasion- criminal justice majors, early childhood education majors, massage therapy certificate seekers.

From these fine folks, I achieve a greater sense of myself as a writer. For god's sake, I have a masters in this stuff, and the majority of my income was previously derived from ensuring drug addicts didn't steal too much from my soon-to-be-former employer?


So, as of today, the clock ticks it's way ever-so-merrily until my final day in the corporate grind of mid-level management and swamp of fellow employees who hate me for being a company snitch.

Yay for me!