Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You know what they say about the length of a man's fingernails in correlation to his other parts, don't you?

I don't, so if you do, lend a brother a hand.

That may well be it for me tonight. I'm exhausted, and in no mood to drop witticisms like so much rain-candy.

This guy here with the fingernails has issues. What's funny about making light of someone with issues? Maybe he's too lazy to trim his nails, or perhaps more likely, he's an obsessive compulsive.

But seriously, I can't update for long. I need to finish my syllabus, as well as edit a stream of submissions for Collective Fallout (September 15th deadline), the hippest literary magazine to come out of Manchester and surrounding environs.

I am, however, required to inform you that certain disturbing elements will be made examples of. Keep your head down, drop the word 'Sir' from your vocabulary, and pay with cash when able. Everything with be copacetic.