Friday, September 17, 2010

Macht Macht Racht.

When in doubt, push the button. You already suspect what's going to happen if you don't, so just get it over with all ready.

We all have our 'buttons.' For some, it's hearing of an evangelical ministry being given too much (reads 'any') public attention. For others, it's nose-picking. My button has always been tardiness. I'm the guy who shows up first for a gathering, 15 minutes early for an appointment or class, and the one who tsk tsks when someone else shows up late. It comes down to simple respect. Seriously, it's a real bummer.

In perfect world, there would exist no dis-courtesy. Think of it: political debates would begin and end with pleases and thank yous. Black would compliment white. China would recognize Tibet and Taiwan. In order for this to happen,however, everyone must lose that 'button.'

Ain't gonna happen.