Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Two Lights, a Song and a Few Crop Cirlces

When I was in high school, I worked for a local mom and pop farm stand. Deep summer found me on my knees, weeding out fields of strawberries and kale, while early fall found me in a pick-up truck, hand picking bushels of sweet corn. Unfortunately for my later curiosity, I never worked grain fields.

Crop circles are nothing new, and in fact, have become so common an occurrence that news coverage seems to be limited to local media. These 'agrilyphs' are incredible, not simply because they exist, but because the vast majority are immense mathematical constructs, each with the ability to be broken down into precise and predictable formulas.

The first video was recorded in 2000, and is from Scandinavia. It is impressive in my opinion as the lights are not affected by the shakiness of the camera, something that would not stand up to analytical scrutiny. Though not a long recording, it shows the money shots: lights in the air, supposedly affecting the creation of crop circles.

The second has too many issues to be taken very seriously, but it still is pretty cool.