Sunday, May 7, 2017

Tips For Starting Your Very Own Organic Garden

Organic food is becoming increasingly popular in grocery stores all throughout the nation as more people are coming to recognize the impressive health benefits of consuming these goods. Years ago, many consumers opted to buy organic foods as a means of making a statement to a adopt a very specific lifestyle, rather than for the nutritional benefits and the greatly improved taste of these goods.

Produce is one area in which the advantages of owning an organic garden are all too apparent. The methods of cultivating organic fruits and vegetables often lead to things like, fresher, redder and far larger tomatoes, particularly when these items are compared to tomatoes that have been grown in the conventional manner. The key to success in organic gardening is striking the perfect balance between protecting the planet and ensuring the health of the plants you're growing.

organic food

When you start your organic garden, always ensure that your tomato plants remain as healthy as they possible can given that healthy plants have a far greater ability to repel both pests and diseases naturally. More often than not, fruits and veggies that are local to the area will have a greater immunity to local pests and diseases, and purchasing plants and seeds from local suppliers is but one of many ways to make sure that your plants stay healthy.

There are two types of tomatoes that you can plant - indeterminates and determinates. So-called determinate tomato plants will not grow beyond a specific height, while indeterminate tomato plants have the ability to grow unchecked, indefinitely. If you choose to plant indeterminate tomatoes in your garden, you'll have to give these plants ample space and support and this means that you should avoid this type of tomato if you only have a very limited amount of space for your garden.

Among the best soil types for tomatoes are those that are rich with both fungi and bacteria. More often than not, the nutrients that tomatoes require to grow and thrive cannot be found in everyday, backyard soil.
good soil

A lot of the gardeners who use low-quality soil when growing tomatoes make the mistakes of attempting to compensate through the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which is totally contrary to organic gardening. Be sure to give your tomatoes an optimal amount of nutrients by incorporating compost into your growing soil.

Tomato hornworms are large-sized garden pests that can be found in many gardens throughout the northern portion of the United States and when it comes to tomato plants, these are among the most detrimental pests out there. If you're in the process of growing eggplants, peppers or potatoes, however, these pests can cause considerable problems with these as well.


This is an issue that you want to deal with as soon as you identify hornworms on your tomatoes. Merely removing them from the leaves of the tomato plants is actually the most effective and easiest way to contend with these pests.

Tomato hornworms don't like many other pests including ladybugs and lacewing, and thus, releasing a few of these insects in your garden is another way to deal with this issue. Hornworm eggs will cause the greatest amount of damage to your tomato crops and given that these bugs will attack the eggs, they make it possible to remove the threat naturally.

Organic gardening is both fun and healthy, even if it does require a little extra effort on your part to keep your produce healthy. If you've never tried organic gardening before, reading a basic pamphlet is a great way to get started as these guides will offer a number of helpful tips for success.

Monday, January 16, 2017

With HelpyHero Your Family is Secure

The following is a guest post from HelpyHero:

It’s a security button, that allows you to send an alert to your family

When you press the button, HelpyHero immediately connects through bluetooth to your Smartphone and then it alerts your family, friends or security services, according to the App configuration, also you can record video and audio storing them in the cloud. This device opens a discreet communication line between the user and the person who receives the alert.

Helpyhero is a very versatile, it comes in 5 different holders, these allows to carry it in different ways, adapting to every style.
  • ·        Clip: you can use it in the purse, clothes, backpack, belt, etc.
  • ·        Bracelet: It’s stylish and you can reach it easily.
  • ·        Keychain: You will never forget and it’s very discreet.
  • ·        Necklace: ideal for elderly always reachable.
  • ·        Sticky platform: You can put it under the counter, ideal for shops.

And you can use in case of:
  •   - Children and teenagers far from home.
  •   - Elderly, In case of medical emergencies.
  •   - Bullying, Record video/audio for bullying cases.
  •   - Shops and businesses, in case of robbery as a silent alarm.
  •   - People, who suffer harassment at work or sexual abuse.

The advantages are:
  • -        Customization, fits your style
  • -        Simple, very easy to use
  • -        Reliable, It will never let you down
  • -        Resistant, water resistant, aluminum one-body
  • -        Complete, alert, location, video and audio
  • -        Discreet, does no attract attention
  • -        Stylish, exclusive minimalist design
  • -        No fee, without monthly payments
  • -        Warranty, 3 year warranty

 HelpyHero is 100% customizable.

  • You can choose the kind of alert you want to send (alert through the app, phone call or text message)
  • It can be configured to open a total or partial communication line with audio and video. The user can transmit what is happening and receives instructions as well. Set just for record audio and video.
  • Set to send an alert to security services like 911 or medical assistance.

HelpyHero is also a piece of technology:
  • Bluetooth module to connect with the Smartphone.     
  • An 8-mega pixels camera for streaming video to the cloud.
  • Microphone and speaker to allow communication and audio registering.
We believe that HelpyHero is the first step of our company in creating intelligent devices that help people overcome difficult times, even helping them to save their lives.

We have designed HelpyHero for the purpose of creating an emergency button that can be used in multiple situations. We also thought it had to be small, discrete, maintaining a stylized design. We should be able to carry it in different ways adapting to the style and necessity of each user.

Your help is important to us, if you are not persuaded to buy our product you can still share our campaign, this way you are not only helping us but also helping other people who might need the HelpyHero to get away from many dangerous situations that could be lethal. The world is a beautiful place, help us make it safer.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Kids, God and The Slutty Path

This week's post is courtesy of JT from the blog, Pairs With: Life
“Daddy,” my four-year-old asked me, “should I take The Slutty Path?”

Its been three years since my Perfect Unicorn Princess asked me this little gem at random, and I still remember the feeling of two full ounces of Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel spraying out my nose when it happened (and thinking the wine tasted the same coming out as it did going in).

As most of you who read my posts know, I am constantly fascinated by the often hilarious and sometimes profound things that come out of my little girls’ mouths. It’s not a new phenomenon: Kids have been “saying the darndest things” for as long as…well…for as long as there have been kids. So what’s fascinating really is why do they say these things?

There is a part of me that desperately wants to believe that my daughter stood on the right hand of God before she was born and that her fresh, new soul is still so unpolluted that she can channel wisdom from her holy pre-existence. But my rational side, forged by too many years of gravely disappointing behavior by my fellow higher mammals, has a much more reasonable explanation for all of this. Young brains are a Big Gulp of newly-forming synaptic connections, each desperately trying to make sense of an overload of new information. Much like a college freshman taking his first bong hit just one week removed from his parent’s oversight, this Niagra Falls of data collides in random patterns, with funny and sometimes profound results.

Dora The Explorer, Season 2, Episode 7. Here we see Boots and Dora and Mrs. Camus, Dora's Existentialist neighbor, explaining to Dora that her choice between the two paths is meaningless. I freaking love Nickleodeon.
Dora The Explorer, Season 2, Episode 7. Here we see Boots and Dora and Mrs. Camus, Dora’s Existentialist neighbor, explaining to Dora that her choice between the two paths is futile and meaningless. I freaking love Nickleodeon.
So that’s how I eventually chalked up this bombshell from my Baby Gleaming LoveLight of Wonder. “Slutty” was simply a derivative of “Sloody,” one of the names of her nearly infinite posse of imaginary friends (“There’s Sloody, Sleeda, Sleedee and of course, Sloodoo”). The “Path” comes from Dora The Explorer, one of her favorite TV shows at the time, in which our hero was often faced with the daunting task of choosing the left path or the right path.

Occam’s Razor. Badda bing badda boom.
And yet…

Nearly four years later, the questions are no less random nor intense. In the car last week, Ella asked, “Daddy, what’s a soul?” I have come to understand through years of these weapons-grade inquiries that you’ve got only a handful of seconds to reply with a coherent answer. A good rule of thumb is one second for every year the kid has been alive. So I had seven seconds to define the undefinable before her mind wandered off to whether brooms are made out of recycled Barbie hair (another actual question).

“Well, honey, many people believe the soul is the thing that makes you, you. The feelings in your heart, the thoughts that you think.”
“Is it like a Chicken Nugget?”
Stay with me now: This is not a non-sequitur. Whatever this thing is that’s going on behind these questions is just happening in spades here.
“No, honey, it’s not like a Chicken Nugget. But if your body was a Chicken Nugget, then your soul is like the dipping sauce you choose.”

Here’s the thing. I have never been able to buy the whole Sky Faerie Theory. I lose patience sometimes and yell at my kids. I don’t need a God who does the same. I’m kinda weak sauce when it comes to balancing my monthly budget. The last thing I want is a God that constantly needs money. So it seems to me that the strongest connection to The Great Whatever a person can have is the straight line to infinity that’s created by our children. I am the very deliberate product of thousands of acts of procreation stretching millennia before me, and my children are my path to genetic continuity for potentially countless generations to come. If that’s not the very essence of immortality, what is?
And yet. And yet…

I recall the time my heart raced when Ella pointed out a few years back that “I loved daddy the time before I was alive now.” Or how she told my wife the night my Great Uncle passed away that an old man sat on her pillow that night and said goodbye to her. It’s not always about the Chicken Nuggets. Sometimes it’s about the dipping sauce.

So God and I struck a deal. He/She/It will continue to reveal Him/Her/Itself to me as long as I continue to look. A handful of decades into this search, the best I’ve got is that there’s this thing that’s greater than me. I don’t know how to explain it. I just know it is there.

And I’m sure of it now because I am a father.
Ella: “Daddy, should I take The Slutty Path?”
Me: “Most people do at some point, honey, but it rarely takes you where you want to go.”

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