Wednesday, December 5, 2018

5 Sustainable Outfits for All Personality Types

5 Sustainable Outfits for All Personality Types

The fashion industry everywhere is currently experiencing a major boom and keeping in mind the current environmental concerns, designers are producing sustainable outfits. They are certainly the need of the hour. Somebody has aptly said that ‘A style is a reflection of your attitude and personality’. Every individual has its own style and probably a different personality. And there is no denying that both go hand in hand. 

So, have you ever wondered what is your fashion personality type? Though it is quite a daunting task to define, we have tried to condense it in five categories. And also suggested 5 sustainable outfits for all personality types. Are you ready?

1. Timeless 

sustainable outfitsFond of classic, elegant and polished looks? People in this category type are in general very organized, practical and like to make a statement with their versatile choice of clothes. Drawn to refined clothing, they like to invest in fabrics without compromising on quality. Color-coordinated apparels just work right for the people falling under this head. Try these winter clothing tips. And talking about jewelry or accessories, well, it doesn’t necessarily be the focal point. 

Sustainable outfit for your personality type- A professional looking ensemble for the work front. Opt for a white dress which works perfectly for your job interviews or corporate meetings. Crisp white blouses, pencil skirts, ballet flats, pearls, solitaires, dark-denim are just your choice of clothes when it comes to shopping. This integral closet piece will make you look polished every single time. For parties go for either a blazer suit, silhouettes or solid colored full-length maxi dress with pearl earrings and pointed stilettos. Pastels can bring you joy so, opt them for your casual wear with a scarf and pants. These outfits will make you the epitome of timeless beauty. 
2. Bold

bold fashionLadies who love to grab attention and make sure they stand out from the crowd are classified in this particular category. They favor bold colors, high heels, statement necklaces, and earrings. They tend to match up with the ongoing trends and never fail to impress the audience with their irresistible aura.  Being quite expressive with their choice of clothes, they are known to create a masterpiece every time they are on the red carpet. 

Sustainable outfit for your personality type- Figure hugging silhouettes, Plunging necklines, short hems with heels, caps, ghats, bracelets and basically everything branded. Planning to raise the temperature this season? Consider wearing a party sweater dress with knee-length boots, a statement ring, earrings or sling bag and red colored lips. You are ready to make heads turn around you for sure. One may also opt for a mini dress with some glittery heels and dark eye makeup. 

Switch on to a bohemian look for your upcoming vacation or turn retro for the New Year’s Eve. So, girls where’s the party tonight?
3. Feminine

sustainable outfitsShades of pinks and flower prints never disappoint these ladies. They absolutely look dreamy and ethereal with laces, bows, floral patterns, and everything girlish. They can be quite flirty and playful at times but can give some serious fashion goals when it comes to Vintage looks. Ladies who fall in this category are sensitive and extremely gentle. 

Sustainable outfit for this personality type- Ruffles, laces, gathers, floral prints, layered skirts, and vintage looks will work wonders for you. Try out ballerina flats with demure earrings for an enchanting look. Ballet flats are kind of a classic staple and immensely comfortable to wear. Make sure it is branded or else it would tear out easily. And whenever in doubt try on your little black dress irrespective of the occasion. 

4. Experimental

experimental fashion
Crazy and bizarre fashion choices are traits of this personality type. Funky choices, bold patterns, playing with colors is something they constantly look up to. They love to nail it with some drama and luckily they do it every single time. For some they might appear insane but mind it, nobody else can pull off those yellow colored pants or similar outfits better than these ones. These ones leave no stone unturned when it comes to pulling off airport or gym looks also. 

Sustainable outfit for this personality type- A cowl neck top with ripped jeans made of sustainable fabrics, eye-catching heels and matching dangling earrings. Love to workout? You wouldn’t mind choosing those bodybuilding workout clothes with unusual patterns because you know you’re gonna rock it. 

Experiment with squares, circles and zig-zag patterns on your shirt. Opt for some funky necklaces or earrings with your favorite sling bag. Do not forget to put your shoes or sneakers or flip-flops on.  How about wearing your favorite Disney character imprinted on a blazer this winter?
5. Spirited

spirited fashionFor those of you who feel originality is the key, fall in this particular personality type. You want it simple, self-expressed and manage to make it unique. Your unconventional methods work out best for you and there is no denying that nobody ain’t like you. With less drama, you are more of spirited and whimsical. Keeping up with the trends is certainly something that doesn’t bother you much.  Comfort in clothing is your ultimate priority and you certainly wouldn’t want to mess it with. 

Sustainable outfits for your personality type- Your way of dressing as mentioned already is individualistic with innovation. You defy all traditional rules because your clothing choices are just as unique as your personality. Different colors, prints, textures, accessories will attract you. Eco-friendly jogger pants, boyfriend jeans, a loose pajama or t-shirt, tunics, v-neck solid colored tops, plain blue jeans with a pair of good-looking shoes or chic sneakers are your thing.

So, all ladies out there! Time to personalize your fashion personality with some quirky and classy sustainable apparels because what you wear tells a lot about you! Tell us about your personality and your favorite apparel in the comment section below. 

Friday, October 19, 2018

Useful Tips For Getting Better Sleep

Useful Tips For Getting Better Sleep

A great night of sleep is something that can do wonders for one's overall well-being and health. The following tips can assist just about everyone when it comes to getting optimal slumber on a regular basis.


1. Maintain A Good Level Activity Throughout Your Day

Engaging in routine exercise is a wonderful way to ensure that you are tired and ready for bed in the evening. Staying active also boost the metabolism and wards off anxiety, something which serves to facilitate better sleep. See if you can fit exercise into the earlier part of your day, but if your schedule requires you to workout later, make certain you have sufficient wind-down time after the fact.

2. Follow A Healthy Diet And Avoid Smoking

Try to steer clear of overly spiced or heavy meals prior to bedtime, because the body requires time to process such foods before it can sleep. Avoid retiring on a completely empty stomach by considering a small snack before bed. Shun caffeine as much as possible, as it can remain in the system for upwards of six hours, thus harming the quality of your sleep. Though a little wine may make you drowsy, it can actually result in wakefulness later in the night. The nicotine in cigarettes is a known stimulant, and those who do not smoke tend to have a higher quality of sleep than those who do.

3. Try Some Sleep-Inducing Home Adjustments

Ensure that your bedroom space is tidy, dark, quiet and completely comfortable. Keep the temperature relatively cool and consider using ear plugs, and eye mask and/or blackout drapes to create the perfect haven. Use a relaxing paint color on the walls and keep distracting elements including pets, electronics and the like out of the room altogether. If your mattress and pillow are old and have seen better days, make the investment in new, high-quality products like this from Sleepy

4. Establish A Bedtime Routine

See if you can create a sort of bedtime ritual so that your body knows when sleep is approaching. You might want to incorporate a bit of reading, some relaxing music, some warm drink or a nice bath prior to slumber. Avoid exposure to lots of light or stressful conversations before you retire.

5. Take Time To Unwind

There are many tools available that can assist with the task of relaxation at the end of the day, such as apps, meditation videos, yoga routines and more. Try a few for yourself and determine what is most effective. Many folks enjoy aromatherapy as a means to relax, and a little bit of oil placed on a pillow can work wonders. Herbal teas are also thought to lend a sense of calm before bed.

6. Never Stay In Bed If You Cannot Sleep

sleepyWhen sleep proves elusive after 30 minutes in bed, make sure to get up and engage in another activity for a while. Whether you do some reading or put on some music or try something else, remember not to return to bed until you are truly fatigued. Also, if you begin to drift off earlier in the evening while sitting on the couch, force yourself to get up and complete some chores around the house so that you only sleep when it is the proper time.

7. Do Not Sleep Late On The Weekends

Make sure you stick to a uniform schedule of sleep. Attempt to rise and retire at the same time every night so that your routine has a chance to take hold. Try not to take daytime naps and get up at the usual time, even on the weekends.

8. Try Sleep Journaling

The underlying reasons for sleep difficulties can sometimes prove mysterious. However, by tracking your sleep habits with a diary or even an electronic device, you will be able to assess the possible reasons for wakefulness or restless sleep. Once you have logged a week or so of information about your patterns, see if you can connect the dots and make the changes necessary to sleep soundly with regularity.

9. Keep A Personal Diary

There's no doubt that life can get very stressful at times, and it is worth taking the time to discover effective methods of coping. Journaling about personal ups and downs provides a record to which you can refer when things get tense and can assist in the process of solving problems and getting back to better sleep.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Supportive Relationships Helpful for Persons Seeking TMS Health Solutions Treatment

TMS therapyIt is estimated that one in four people, young and old, will experience depression at some point in their lifetime. Clinical depression can interrupt daily life such as work, family, and even carrying out basic activities. In addition, clinical depression can have a debilitating effect on relationships. A person with clinical depression can suffer enormous pain; often times in silence.

Friends and Family

Often times, with friends and family it's easy to tell someone to "snap out of it" or dismiss their behavior as being minor. However, when it's a medical illness, a person is typically told to go to the doctor's office. Any type of concern for mental illness should be thought of in the same manner.

Sometimes it can be difficult for someone close to see that a person's behavior has changed. However, anyone who shows signs of behavior that is unexplained, or becomes increasingly irrational in their behavior, needs to be taken seriously. In most cases, the person may not feel comfortable talking about their mental health. This makes helping them more difficult, and they need patience and compassion.


When a colleague is not pulling their weight at work, people often think of them as lazy, bad at their job, or that they just don't care. However, it could be that a person is suffering from a mental health condition, and in some cases, they might not even know it themselves. A colleague could also be dealing with their mental health condition privately.

Because people spend so much time in the workplace, often times more than they do with family, it's important that colleagues are mindful of unusual behavior. People are often let go from their job for bad performance, and they're too afraid to tell anyone about their clinical depression due to a fear of being labeled.

A colleague who is sad, argumentative, apathetic, disengaged, or not meeting deadlines could be dealing with a mental health condition.

Support and Therapy

When a person is seeking treatment, such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), they need the support of friends and family. TMS Therapy is FDA-cleared and deals directly with the prefrontal cortex for stimulating an improved mood, while reducing the overwhelming symptoms of clinical depression.

According to the Centers for Disease and Control, 6.7 percent of the American population will experience an episode of some form of depression in 2018. A staggering 40 percent of patients receiving treatment will not respond to anti-depressants or other traditional methods for treating clinical depression. Patients who make the difficult decision to seek treatment for clinical depression need compassion, understanding, and support. While TMS Therapy sessions are extremely non-invasive and allow people to continue with productive lives, it is often a support system that makes the biggest difference while receiving any type of treatment for a mental health condition.

TMS Health Solutions understands how devastating mental health conditions can be for patients. As experts in TMS Therapy, the clinical staff is highly committed to the concerns of their patients for educating them on which treatment can be the most beneficial for their specific mental health condition. The philosophy of TMS Health Solutions is simple- to listen, understand, and to help.