Friday, November 3, 2017

Taking Home Music Lessons Seriously

learn bass onlineIt seems there is a revolution in my home.

Not one of anger, and certainly not one of social outrage, but instead, a revolution of ideas. My kids have fully kicked into their discovery phase, and as a parent, I certainly don't want to turn them away from anything that might be a lifelong passion. My youngest wants to learn bass online.

As such, music is the key to a happy home. There's an electric drum kit in the boy's room, and two acoustic guitars in the game room. In the bedrooms, there is at least one ukulele, a harmonica and some sort of hand-held percussion instrument. A violin resides in the living room when unused, or in the basement during practice times.

learn bass online
There's a great deal of sound in our home, and soon there will be another. The deep thrums of a bass guitar.

My youngest is interested and wants to put some focus into that.

Though some lessons come from school, as my oldest daughter is investigating by learning her violin, and the drum lessons come from the oldest boy, the bass guitar will be an online experience. There simply isn't enough time between other commitments to schedule a solid lesson time.

It's coming from online, and for that, I'm doing my research. Subreel is a great resource, as are higher-rated YouTube channels. If there's a desire to learn bass online, this is the way to go.

learn bass onlineIt's up to her once I decide where the lessons will come from, but you can be sure the bass won;t be as a hard a lesson to endure as the violin.

Check out Subreel's article on learning bass guitar online if you have a chance- it's worth the read.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Pulling a Chuckle on a Winter Reading List

As fall starts to set in, we're gearing up for winter.

I'm sorry if that's upsetting, but the cold and the snow and the long, dark days are a considerable fact of life in our household.

Besides dusting off the skis and show shovels, everyone on the family has begun to build their reading list. The kids are working on their umpteenth speed-through of the Harry Potter books, while my wife is going with a 'employee recommended' list from our local bookstore.

For me, it's going to be a comedy/dark comedy winter.

I'm this close to finishing the writing on my latest novel, and decided an insertion of light humor would be a great place to start with my reading list. Never one to be logical, my books start with a little Merle Drown, some Douglas Adams and a new author on the radar, John Redstand, author of Driving Grandpa.

Redstand crafts an extended conversation between a grandson and grandfather, observing the world as it passes by through the car windows. It's life observed at 55 miles an hour, and at times, a dead stand still. There's a lot we can witness while parked at a traffic light.

With the world in such disarray, it's a comfort to involve myself in a place where its proven anyone can be an author. There's no need for high-falutin' marketing strategies from major publishing houses to catch my eye. There's no requirement for a higher degree in the literary arts to make my list.

All I need is a good story with the promise of a solid chuckle now and then.

I'm hearing this is the case with Redstand's book.

It's not at the top of the stack at the moment, but it soon will be, and I suspect winter won't be so dark while I'm reading it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Celebrating Grandparents and Recognizing Their Contribution

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Grandparent’s  Contribution

Grandparents are most valued asset of any family. Although many would think of them of as a liability to one’s family, on the contrary, grandparents are highly regarded individuals for their immense experience that they have accumulated for decades. Further, most of our grandparents would have gone thru the mills of life and survived through the difficult times.

granparents contributions
The degree of their difficulties would be much higher as we know today since we stand on the pedestal of their achievements. We have much more secured today than they wish they had. Anytime, our grandparents are the most valuable part of our family. Unfortunately, their role and contribution to the family, in particular, and society, in general have mostly ignored by their younger generations.

Grandparents always contribute uniquely to any family. They always have tons of stories about the past, and usually add hilarity to any situation with their own unique sense of humor and charm. They are invariably the most experienced member of any family, and frequently cherished as legends inherited.

Showing Thoughtfulness

Interestingly, we cannot do enough to show our gratitude for their contribution to our families. Nevertheless, a simple thoughtful act of gifting them their favorite items or doing something meaningful would make them to feel happy and cared by the younger generation.

Creating Sweet Memories

Start with things that real focused on family. Old photographs or videos re-mastered so that they last another lifetime are the best gift ideas for grandparents and they will bring a tear to anyone’s eye. Family photographs taken and handing them out would be a good method to preserve the memories of the now, in addition to preserving the memories of the past. If you are adept with computers, you could produce a video slide show with all the photos of earlier times and present.

Learn Their Hobbies

Grandparents that are open with their interests are easy to shop. Get them something that you know they would like. If your grandmother partakes in certain hobbies, get her more items so that she can continue her hobby without needing to worry about going out and restocking. You could figure out your grandfather’s favorite clothing brand and stock up on it for him. If you grandmother likes a particular item, you can do the same for her.

Celebrating Grandparents

grandparents contributionsFor specialty holidays, like Mother’s and Father’s Day, or on their birthdays get them specialized T-Shirts. Grandparent’s day is when they feel special. You are able to pay them something special, like personalized picture frames or coffee mugs, or even jewelry commemorating their grandchildren. Anything that reminds them that they are loved as both mothers and fathers and grandparents would be a great gift.

You can get anything embroidered these days, from aprons to throws, and nothing says appreciation than something they use everyday that says “World’s Greatest Grandparent” on it. No one brags about their little ones more than grandparents, so having their grandchildren make them something is not only personal, but also the cutest thing internationally. It is the best method to show them that you care.

Finally, it is pertinent to recognize our grandparent’s contribution while they are still alive rather than posthumously. It is the best way we can make them feel appreciated and valued by their younger generation

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